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Ozcape camper models are available for a variety of vehicles to suit your preferred style and your budget. There really is something for everybody!



Camper Models Activa with dimensions





The robust and stylish shell with several upgrade options. The Activa is available with different floor length to suit single, extra and dual cabs.

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OZCAPE PRIMA 25 with shower

Floorplan Prima 25




The entry-level Slide-On for the budget conscious traveller. The Prima25 is suitable for single cabs and some extra cabs.

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OZCAPE OPTIMA with full bathroom

Floorplan Ozcape Optima
The spacious model that maximises living space and comes with a fully equipped bathroom. The very popular Optima is designed for single cabs but will also fit some space cabs.

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OZCAPE WOONDABAA with full bathroom

Floorplan Ozcape Woondabaa




With a slightly shorter floor base than the Optima but the same bathroom as the larger model, the Woondabaa is your premium choice for Extra Cab  vehicles.

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OZCAPE SHORTA with shower

Floorplan of camper models Shorta




Designed for dual cab vehicles with their restricted tray length, the Shorta still offers fantastic sleeping comfort, a functional kitchen including microwave and even an internal shower with porta potti toilet. 

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All our models can also be built without a bathroom, if you prefer so.