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It is always best to gather information from independent users of a product first hand. Take a few minutes to read what our customers have to say in their testimonial about their experience with Ozcape Campers.

An extraordinary testimonial is what we received from Alwyn & Patrea. They got their Ozcape Slide-On motorhome painted on canvas while spending time at Cable Beach in Broome. Have a look yourself at this very special piece of art.

Ozcape Slide-On Motorhome, painting cable beach 0314

Testimonial Alex J. & Sue L.

Hi Joe,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your efforts, not just for our particular camper and experience, but for all the hard years of design work that went into our Ozcape. We are loving how it all works, and works well! We have used most of the systems now, and thanks to your explanations we haven’t had any problems making things work.

We are absolutely loving living in our Ozcape, even on a wet and rainy day like today. Big picture windows and the screen door mean we can be totally inside, eat breakfast and enjoy the view, just as you no doubt intended.

We love the flexibility of the seating, and the north/south bed is delightful – Sue purchased king sized sheets, doona and mattress topper that fit exactly around the fold-ups for a full bed experience at night, and then we simply fold the bed clothes under the mattress when we put the seats back for sitting. Having the gap in the middle makes getting out of bed easy. It’s that kind of thing, where everything in the unit is sized just right that have made us smile every day.

It has been a long journey for us to get to this point (we started looking at 5th wheelers in 2017), but thanks to you and the team it has been absolutely worth the wait. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome rig, and for all the thought and little touches that went way beyond what we thought.

Please also thank your team of craftspeople for their attention to detail and quality of build.

Very best regards,                                                                                                       Sue and Alex

Testimonial Allan & Lesley O.      Joe, Marion and the Ozcape Team                     We have been part of the Ozcape family for nearly 6 years since meeting Joe and Marion at the Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Show in 2015. Way back then our ‘must have list’ included a queen size bed with a great mattress and being fully self-contained to go off-road and off-grid. We had done our research around the slide-on concept before seeing the Ozcape Optima so it was an instant YES WE LOVE IT! We made our appointment with Joe in August 2015.  In May 2016 we were delighted when Joe let us know that our Optima would be ready for our first week as retirees. Then the fun began! Great co-ordination with the local Mazda dealership on the Sunshine Coast and MNF4x4, so Joe had us ready to drive off after our intensive orientation. Our first trip was to 1770 Camping Ground.                                                                                                                          Over the years we have had many adventures in our Optima. With our 4×4 we have been to many places where signs indicated ‘NO CARAVANS PAST THIS POINT’.  When in Mount Tamborine at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in Queensland, Kalkarindji in the Northern Territory, and Mitchell Falls and Cape Leveque in Western Australia, we were the envy of many other travellers. Luckily Joe had given us brochures so we could give referrals to interested onlookers. There were many questions whenever we took the Optima off and on the tray back. Luckily the remote and the guides on the tray make this an easy process. The obvious benefits of owning an Ozcape slide-on include easy accessibility to out of the way places, being able to use our vehicle as a tray back ute when the slide-on is off the tray and of course being able to tow a boat or trailer. The not so obvious benefits include minimal housework to get everything clean and tidy, great storage options, being able to park in a regular car park and the amazing overhead exhaust fan which makes cooking inside so enjoyable (especially when the flies, midges or mozzies are about). The remote control legs allow for an easy routine to getting the Optima off and onto the tray and also give great stabilising when on the tray and parked. The internal fittings installed by Joe and the team make life easy whether free camping, supporting a country town by staying in their showgrounds or staying in a luxury caravan park with all the trimmings. The Dometic 3 way fridge has the Tropical rating, the stove has 3 gas rings and 1 electric hotplate and the solar means we stay charged up. The external fittings like the grey water tank and the cassette toilet complete the off-grid necessities to free camp. To stop in a side bay for a quick set up for an overnight stay or a quick nap just park safely and open the back security door.                                  We appreciate how Ozcape Campers keep us informed of any innovations and ideas that may make our Optima more comfortable and safe. We installed the Dometic DRS dust reduction system which keeps all that red dust out of the interior and also the mesh under the mattress to keep condensation under control when in cooler climates. After sales services included installing a clothesline that we purchased in Perth and modifying our pantry and wardrobe to give us the storage combination that suited our needs.                                   Joe, we want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise. You provide A1 customer service. We really appreciate your answering our calls, emails and texts from all over our vast country. After-sales service is one of the elements that we feel defines your business acumen. We enjoy our adventures in our Optima knowing that we have a quality rig built on the beautiful Gold Coast. German ingenuity to suit Australian conditions, a winning combination.            Allan & Lesley Onyett                                                                                                    To view photos of our journey click this link:                            



Testimonial Bob B. I first saw the OZCAPE CAMPERS as I was leaving the Brisbane Motorhome Show, almost by accident as they were near an exit. I was not really for a full motorhome and the versatility of a slide-on was immediately apparent as I could use the vehicle with or without the camper to do 4WD trips and to tow my race car.

Joe was so helpful and informative about his product and the fact I live at Burleigh, where they are made was a bonus. I visited the showroom/workshop within weeks and was impressed with the quality of the product and friendliness of the staff. I was happy to place an order after my preferred options were detailed. I had to wait some month for delivery due to their meticulous standards but it was worth it.

My camper is great value for money and has met my expectations, having just completed a 13,000 km 6 week Outback trip with the camper on & off several times. I enjoyed all the features and storage (kept finding more spaces), whether free camping or in parks.

I have found the after sales service to be excellent with my many questions answered, belated requests met, and minor issues settled quickly. I am very happy to recommend both the product and services at OZCAPE CAMPERS to others.


Testimonial David & Lyndall C. Hello Joe, Marion and the team at Ozcape, After nearly 2 years ownership of an Ozcape Optima on a Bt50 single cab I thought it enough time to be able to write a factual review of our experience. Coming from 40 years of airline experience I am drawn to good design that is very reliable, comfortable, light and yet strong. After many years of research eliminating other slide on campers, motor homes and towed devices I believe we have the very best compromise in our Optima.

We have slept in ours for over 200 nights so far, from the cold Tasmanian high country, Flinders Ranges heat and dust, Byron Bay downpours to idyllic Flinders Beach on Stradbroke Island camped on the dune overlooking the beach. At all locations in all extremes we were dry, comfortable and either free camping or hooked up to power had the confidence to know the vehicle could handle any weather. The design/ reliability of the camper is great but the biggest reason to smile is the fantastic back up, after sales service and advice from anywhere in the country.

Thank you Joe, Marion and all concerned at Ozcape for the product but more importantly the total of what you get. Cheers, David and Lyndall.

p.s., Joe, if a prospective buyer wants to talk to “someone independent of the company” please pass on my details. David. 

Testimonial Diane & Peter H. OZCAPE, 7 years on. What you can see when you look at Ozcape Campers is the quality finish and practical layout for a good comfortable holiday. What you can’t see about an Ozcape Camper is what happens when you go down the driveway and away on your own adventures. You are not alone – ever! The after sales service is always there. At our 12 month inspection our camper was updated with a couple of new fittings which were not around when we bought it. All done free of any charges.

During the past 7 years of extensive travelling in every state including Flinders Island we have managed to have several mishaps to our camper and every time Joe has been there – as if we only bought it yesterday – to keep our camper as good as new and at low costs. We have always received 5 star service and take pleasure knowing that at Ozcape we will always have good friends.


Testimonial Steve & Alan The passion for a slide-on camper stems back many years for me, so the move to buy one was not a hard decision to make, but we had to be sure.  After owning a trailer tent, a couple of caravans, several class C motorhomes and three 5th wheeler models over the years, we felt the time was right for a slide-on so the research began.

After three years of ‘serious’ vetting, show attendances, emails to various manufacturers and to a point, ‘stalking’ vendors at shows, it was time to decide, but it had to be someone that could work with us on our wish list.  Our research and stalking brought us to Ozcape who seemed too good to be true, so we had to give them a try.

Our first email to Ozcape was sent in 2013 and the response was from the owner Joe Ried.  From our first communication Joe has always shown an interest with sharing his knowledge and answering our never-ending questions.  Next came a view of the product which we saw at a show, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Build quality, finish and on-board facilities offered were high on our wish list.  After seeing that in an Ozcape slide-on along with the technology and willingness to make custom alterations, we took the plunge. Ozcape has some standard offerings and while understood we wanted to change a few things, all requests were honoured without issue and what we received was the slide-on of our dreams!

The team at Ozcape also allowed the occasional visit during the construction process so we could record the build.  Joe’s knowledge of the industry and technology was a refreshing change for us and we’re thrilled with what we have on-board.

It is important to note that Joe himself went above and beyond and assisted us with the Ford dealership to ensure that the truck had the proper GVM upgrade and tray modifications to the proper specifications to accommodate the slide-on.

As we write this, we are on our inaugural trip and into our second week.  Going from an 8m (26 feet) 5th wheeler that had ‘room for a pony’ to a 4.5m slide-on has certainly been an easy transition.  The on-board facilities equal that to what we had in the 5th wheeler, albeit in a more confined space, but one that we’ve adapted to immediately.

Even after delivery Joe and his team have been fantastic in helping us with small questions/clarifications. We love the versatility of the slide-on.  To be able to park and go shopping without having to plot a course for the nearest landing strip is so relaxing.  It even took a while not having to check a brake controller too during transit.

We can’t speak highly enough of the product, the concept and the Ozcape team. It is a pleasure to have dealt with such a professional, friendly and experienced team and whom we now call friends.

Thank you, Joe, and your team for making our dreams a reality. The Boyz, Steve and Alan


Testimonial Kevin P. I have now owned an OZCAPE Slide-on for over four years and would not hesitate reccommending them to prospective customers. The service was first rate and the quality outstanding. I have used mine almost constantly over that period including around Australia without a problem. The staff were extremely helpful with initial inquiries and any follow up. Keep up the good work. Regards, Kevin P.

Testimonial Erica D. Two years ago I took delivery of my Ozcape camper. I had a grin from ear to ear! I knew this day was to be the start of a whole new set of experiences for me and I could hardly wait to get on the road.

I first started looking for slide on campers about 10 months previous to this. I spoke to my cousin who had already whetted my appetite about life on the road and getting away for weekends. I was a single lady whose experience of camping was tenting. I was ready for a bit of luxury style travel within a do-able and safe set of parameters. That included being able to manage my rig by myself and I shied away from pop-up styles in the interests of security as I knew I was going to start this journey on my own.

I began my search on the internet and found a site where a few different styles of slide-ons were featured. I never really had much interest in styles other than Ozcape campers! I really checked out the opposition but kept coming back to Joe’s designs. Finally, I emailed him. I was on a limited budget and thought that if I could not afford a new one I would go for a second hand one. I was so disappointed to be told there were no used units available – everyone held onto them! It took me a few more weeks of research to be convinced that although it would stretch my budget, other brands just would not cut it! I went to see my financial advisor and we weighed up the situation. It came down to life style and I was to have a piece of it.

Features of Joe’s product that convince me I have made a great choice are: The layout is really efficient for the space available – the feeling is spacious not cramped Finish is top shelf quality Utilities are well thought out and the infrastructure works well (in house battery system – protected from being totally drained, quality components suitable for the bumps and dust that will be encountered on the road)

Joe accommodated all the requests I had for what I wanted and could afford in my unit – he REALLY listens and can explain in laymen’s terms how things work and why he has carefully selected the components he uses. He personally provided my orientation to the unit and took several hours on one on one attention.

The workshop at Ozcape reflects the organisation of Joe and his reliable staff – it is always organised and clean. There’s some thing to be said about German efficiency! The staff is dedicated to delivery of quality service and product. Joe selects his staff carefully to ensure their practice reflects his own high standards. I recently had some work done and Joe was on sick leave. The job was done efficiently and effectively and I was contacted that evening by phone to make sure I was problem free. That same day, one staffer went the extra mile while I was there. My car battery died so I was jump started and taken around personally to a local trusted electronics mechanic where a new battery was fitted quickly and at a reasonable price so I could get on the road again without delay.

Joe is straight as a die. He has never mucked me around, fobbed me off nor shirked his responsibilities. He is always approachable and makes time to come up with an elegant solution to any issues I have. Need I say I have had no problems with after sales service? One example of quality that really makes a difference to me as a sole operator of the rig is the automatic legs. I have enjoyed setting up camp with the remote control in one hand, an ice cream in the other!

Needless to say, I usually have an interested audience as I set up in the ten to fifteen minutes it takes to make camp on a short stay. My average time to put the unit onto my ute is 20 minutes. I mostly leave it on the ute if I am staying fewer than 3-4 days at a camp site.

The company’s commitment to improvement – Joe listens to his clients and already there are new features that are now included in the current designs. I have been able to retrofit some of these to mine. Ease of setup is a big plus. I have travelled in a group with a full motor home, caravan and camper trailer. I am usually the first to be sitting in my annex with a cup of tea! Pack up time is the same. I have free camped with only the house battery and my stay was six nights.

Added advantages are no driving with, nor backing a trailer (great for inexperienced drivers!), no extra in rego, compact storage, freedom to park the unit and drive off to sightsee or shop in my vehicle. I am assured of security of keeping my camping spot and by putting the legs down to ground level, there can be no chance of coming back to an empty site because someone has hooked up and driven off!

My best ‘on the road’ story to date would have to be my trip to the Barossa Valley last September in 2009. I was out near Wilcannia heading for the Minindee Lakes on a ‘dry conditions only’ road when that memorable dust storm hit. (Remember, the worst one for 30 years?) The sky gradually closed over and light went from grey to pink to brilliant red to BLACKOUT and I was in the middle of nowhere! All I could see was the light from the dashboard – headlights were just not in evidence. There was nothing for it but to stop driving and wait for it to pass. The wind was quite strong but while I could see to drive, the unit’s stability never felt compromised. I would love to say that I slipped into the slide-on and made a cup of tea while I waited! That just didn’t happen but I have a really great story to dine out on now!

I am more than pleased to promote the virtues of Ozcape Campers. I always say, it is not hard to sell something that is really good. Joe’s products fits that description. I am more than happy to talk to potential clients, especially those who may be contemplating setting out on the road by themselves. I can give other women viewpoints and advice from the female perspective. Erica D

Testimonial Erica D. update I have owned an Ozcape slide on for over 11 years. I am a very happy camper! The quality of construction, decor and design never ceases to please me. After sales service is amazing in this day and age. Repairs, retro fitting and new ideas are carried out with care, promptly. All staff including the Director, are hands on. Their communication is above the norm, listening to my needs and accommodating my time lines to the best of their ability.

There is a sense of family when you visit the premises, so much laughter is had and stories told about the latest trip. The design suits me in that I can load and drive the slide on by myself and be packed and set up in around 20 minutes with a cup of tea in my hand or an ice cream, depending on the weather.

In the 5 years I have done plenty of local trips and a long one to Adelaide via Broken Hill. The van is practical to use and the enclosed bathroom allows a degree of privacy within the space of the ute tray which is amazing. I never feel claustrophobic in the van. As a solo woman traveller, I feel secure at night and the luxury of the fittings suggest I am in a 5 star cabin.

I have had no major failures in this camper…most have been due to driver error…mine and others! Early on I had to replace an awning due to not checking the height of the tree limbs. To help me out and get back on the road quickly Joe offered to bring a spare up and fit it in Brisbane from Burleigh. (I declined his generous offer and made less inconvenient arrangements for him) ‘Nuff said! Check ’em out! You won’t be disappointed.


Testimonial Penny & Dennis M. Dear Joe, since we have bought our Motorhome from you – being six years ago – your after sales service has been exemplary and far beyond anyone could have imagined. We spent a year or more doing our research into which Motorhome or Slide-On is the best. We visited Slide-On and Motorhome showrooms, Motorhome Fairs and asked people we met along the way who had owned Slide-Ons and Motorhomes. We decided to buy your Optima Slide-On – as it was by far the best option of everything we looked at

•  The design is so functional

•  We just love being in it

•  So much room for all our storage

•  So easy to cook and dine

•  And the bed is always made up – so important

•  The bathroom is perfect

•  Everything is so strong, sturdy and durable – our

Slide-On still  looks brand new six years later

Six years later we know definitely made the right choice.

•  We have a motorhome when we travel

•  We have a ute to drive around in when we arrive at our destinations

•  To be able to have one car with one registration is such a plus

•  So much easier than a caravan

•  So much better than a motorhome because of being able to use  the ute on arrival

We remain your most appreciative clients and value your friendship. All the very best.


Testimonial Joe & Yuki W. Since March 2009 we are the proud owners of the OZCAPE Charisma. I searched for months to find a high quality slide-on, but I could not find it till I saw an OZCAPE model on a parking. What a great product. I can assure all people that Joe’s determination, high craftsmanship and superb after-sale-service are hard to match by any other manufacturer in Australia.

I did, as most people would do “The Numbers” ($). The unique concept of OZCAPE is not found with any other slide-on or fix-build 4WD-camper. The quality is indeed a high German one!!!

We drove around NT and WA and Tasmania over 27,000 km in ca. 12 months. What a great experience it was. Where we stayed longer than 3 or 4 nights we off-loaded the camper and therefore always had the 4WD available for trips around and the freedom to go anywhere. Also, with the OZCAPE slide-on we could park and stay overnight in the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne etc., without any problems.

A lot of other travellers were very, very impressed with my camper! We can only highly recommend any product of OZCAPE! Easy to drive and take care of it! It will always keep a high value!


Testimonial Kevin & Trish D. We attended a caravan & camping show in Brisbane in 2008, where we spoke at length with Joe and the staff of OZCAPE. While Joe spent a considerable amount of time with us at no time was he attempting a hard sell approach.

We put our OZCAPE Slide-on to the ultimate test in June 2010 when we travelled from Elimbah on the Sunshine Coast to Cape York. 7,000 km of dirt road & through the Daintree and the camper came out without a problem. Even the red dust couldn’t penetrate any of the seals on the camper. Parking at any shopping centre is easy as we only require a normal parking space. The gas heater only takes 10 mins to heat for showers.

On our trip everyone commented on the camper and were impressed with the design. Especially people who had other brands of slide-ons. We have recommended OZCAPE to several people. We are more than happy with our camper.

Testimonial Tim & Robyn S. After having owned an Ozcape camper for nearly 4 years my wife and I now believe we are  in a position to write this short testimonial.   My wife Robyn and I first met Joe at the Brisbane Camping show. We were not there to buy a slide-on, but a dedicated 4wd truck camper, built as a permanent off-road touring vehicle

After searching for most of the day, we were about to leave, disillusioned with the lack of quality and very high price of the units when we came across the Ozcape display. We were immediately impressed with presentation of Joe’s campers. The courteous manner in which we were treated stood well above all other meetings that day. All questions were answered to our satisfaction and we left with confidence believing we had found the answer to our touring – camping problems.After some research with other campers we decided on Ozcape to build our unit. We decided to fit all options and some others that I am sure gave Joe and the boys quite a few sleepless nights. A delivery date of some months ahead, showed us that care in construction and attention to detail and finish were important to the team.

After lowering the camper onto our new V8 Landcruiser for the first time, Joe spent considerable time explaining the workings of every facet of the unit.

Since our delivery date in October 2009, we have clocked over 70,000 Kms. in trips. Included in this was a round Australia trip, two Tasmanian trips, several north Queensland trips one memorable central Australian trip and many fishing trips to Fraser Island. As you would expect, there have been a few minor issues with equipment failure [ especially considering some of the places we’ve been] but they have been happily and quickly attended to.

Robyn and I have no hesitation in recommending Joe and his team at Ozcape Campers to anyone wanting a high quality, strong and reliable slide-on camper. Sincerely, Tim & Robyn


Testimonial Sharon & Luke F. We started our journey of purchasing a Camper van several years ago. We are both very detailed people and did a lot of research on what was best for us, we investigated lots of options and 3 or 4 types of slide ons. We decided on the slide on as we wanted to have the option of using the 4 wheel drive and more importantly for us was we had a smaller combined vehicle that could go into cities and towns without having issues of a big vehicle.

We decided on the Mazda BT 50 freestyle and added an extra fridge in the back. We had no trouble parking the van in the middle of Melbourne. Once the decision to purchase a slide on was made Joe and Ozcape was a no brainer, it was a little more expensive but the fit out and quality was above and beyond anything else we had seen, Luke had visited a few other factory’s to check out the manufacture, the bonus for us was we were also able to custom build what we wanted.

Our passions in life are travelling, especially free camping and remote camping and cooking so we needed a van that was going to accommodate this. Well Joe had a challenge on his hands and he rose to every occasion, nothing was too much trouble for him. Sharon has her “dream kitchen” with full oven, bench top that some small units would be envious of and when we are remote camping an inverter that can power all her appliances. She made a batch of scones and cream in remote Northern Territory.

We have had the van for 18 months and have now been away in it or 105 nights, we are both still working full time. We can’t get away enough it is our home away from home. In 18 months we have travelled over 36 000 kms and close to 8000 km of dirt road. Visited Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory, Uluru, remote Queensland, and as we are based in Sydney lot’s and lot’s of weekend escapes in NSW.

The Van has stood the test of our travels and Joe has been there for support whenever we needed it, not that we have had any real issues. The van is our dream come true, we can’t get away enough, the space and design continue to amaze everyone we show on our travels. We would highly recommend an Ozcape to anyone, and would be more than happy to talk to you about our “baby” Kind Regards Sharon & Luke


Testimonial Dan & Maralyn de.V. We discovered OZCAPE CAMPERS at the Brisbane Caravan and Motorhome show followed by a visit to the Burleigh show room where we ordered our “Optima” Slide-on. During the whole process of ordering our slide-on we found the whole team to be extremely courteous and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble, we were encouraged to call in or phone to find out progress of Slide-on.

The biggest advantage of the Slide-on concept was being able to disengage and set up Slide-on with a minimum of fuss and time, allowing us to go 4 wheel driving and exploring. We have found the quality and workmanship of the Slide-on to be of the highest standard. After travelling all over QLD & NSW we could not fault any aspect of the Slide-on experience and can hardly wait for our next trip around Australia.

After many enquiries from travellers alike we have found people are amazed at the total concept and we would have no hesitation in recommending OZCAPE CAMPERS to all who are interested, and believe us there are many enquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us, I am sure Joe would give you our phone no. Kind regards, Dan & Maralyn de V.


Testimonial Jack & Alice M. Hello Joe,This is just to let you know that Alice and I have just done a trip down the Strzelecki Track, over to Lake Eyre on the Oodnadatta Track, up the Birdsville Track and finished off by doing 600klms of dirt road from Middletown, out of Boulia, to Issisford.


The Ozcape took it all in its stride, not a single problem. The large sliding drawers stayed in place now that the second catch is installed. I also fully recommend the SAX suspension system, it was very good on the corrugated roads and certainly helped smooth out the bumps. I had the full mining system installed on my BT50, springs, shockers and torsion bars.

I have attached some photos. Because of their size there is more than one email. Kind regards , Jack & Alice M


Testimonial Damien & Alison B. G’day Joe, Mate, thanks from the bottom of our hearts for building Alison and I a unit that goes beyond our wildest expectations: everything worked together beautifully. We were only away for 5 nights but came back totally relaxed, feeling like we’d been away for weeks.

Can’t wait until we do our annual holiday stint up on the Capricorn Coast chasing reef fish except this time instead of the last 13 years spent setting up tents etc we’ll be spending it in a luxury portable unit! I’m really looking forward to stretching back, cuppa in hand (or a beer if he’s still going after 5pm Beer O’Clock), as I watch the new son-in-law set up his bush camp next to us the old way…!

In case you’re interested, Alison ran up the black side covers on the wing awning in rip stop nylon. They are still a project in motion with modifications planned before the Central Queensland escape. The front enclosure under the bed overhang particularly attracted attention with another slide-on camper owner stopping off on his way out of the camp grounds wanting to know where we got it. He was a little taken back when I told him who made it! The reason Alison chose nylon over canvas was that it’s a lot cheaper if version one turned out to miss the mark and needed to be dumped. Going forward, we’ll be staying with the nylon as it “breathes” and, more importantly, packs up to nothing compared with canvas (not to mention the weight advantage).

To finish off, looks like we’ve gained free membership to a very discerning club – the Ozcape Club! On our last day at Somerset Dam we saw another Ozcape pull in. Went for a wander and had a wonderful chat with customers of yours from Port Macquarie. Sorry, they did tell us their names (I think she was Helen) but by the time we’d drifted back to our camp Alison and I had forgotten their names. At least “Helen” had the experience to have a notepad and pen on hand to record our names. Another lesson learnt! Anyway, they say “Hi”!

More importantly we had the chance to chat about some of the major off road places they’d been… – “the Cape’s easy”, watch the Anne Beadel Highway for the track width – not the height clearance” (I would have never have considered that) etc. All in all it was great that anything we’ve got on our bucket list as Grey Nomads (still to come     … sigh) is totally feasible in our Ozcape! It was 13 plus years in the planning but it was worth working towards and saving for our Optima. Regards and all the very best to you, your family and your team.