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COVID-19 impact on business

With the QLD and other borders reopened, the situation for business in general has improved. There remain however challenges in the daily operation due to isolation requirements for staff, supply chain issues etc. It means that production schedules and appointments have to be changed more often than usual. 

Therefore, if you would like to visit our showroom, please contact us first to make an appointment. You can also visit us at one of the caravan shows below, if that is more convenient. We will update the information on the show calendar as soon as our attendance is confirmed.

Similar to a motorhome, just so much better!

The Slide-On concept is certainly not new, however for many people who never thought about it, it actually is great news. With an Ozcape Slide-On, sometimes also referred to as Pick-Up or Truck camper, you can convert your normal flat tray ute to a comfortable motorhome within a few minutes. That means if you choose a good 4×4 vehicle you will have a very capable off-road motorhome, but also much more.

Base camp and motorhome

Very unlike a motorhome, you can easily separate car and camper from each other and use them independently. Think setting up the camper as base camp and having the car available for day trips, not having to search for accommodation if the car needs to stay in the workshop unexpectedly while on the trip, or simply having a comfortable vehicle available for every day when you are not traveling. That is why Ozcape Slide-On motorhomes with their superior versatility make so much more sense.

Youtube Videos

We have added a few  Ozcape videos to our website. They show the loading and unloading process, all our different models and Ozcape Slide-Ons on the move. To view the videos just click here on the Videos button.

 Press Review 

A review of Ozcape Slide-Ons was published in Pat Callinan’s online magazine RV Daily. This monthly e-magazine can be accessed via a free subscription and always makes for a very interesting read. Check out the article about our campers, “The Ozcape Plan”.

Ozcape Campers, the well known brand with focus on customer satisfaction

Founded in 2004, we’ve introduced the first Ozcape Slide-On to the market in 2006 after prototyping and rigorous testing. Back then, our first customers put a lot of trust in the people behind the unknown brand Ozcape Campers and we believe we did not disappoint them. We wish to thank all of our valued customers who helped us in all these years to earn our brand the reputation to build the finest Slide-Ons in Australia. We could not have achieved that without you. A big thank you also goes to our entire team at Ozcape who shares the same core values and is dedicated to produce best possible quality and to offer extraordinary customer service. We all are looking forward  to further grow the Ozcape family of “Happy Campers” in years to come. 

Top quality is the key

From the distance our current range of campers looks very similar to our first campers from years ago. But make no mistake, apart from the outer shape very little remained the same. Whether it’s the fine tuned interior design, the update of the electrical system to the latest LiFePO4 technology or the change in materials for the shell, it is a constant development to further improve our campers. For a few years now Ozcape Slide-Ons feature, for example, fibreglass composite insulated panels for the shell construction. These panels are fabricated from top quality fibreglass sheets and closed-cell Styrofoam as insulation material. They are Australian manufactured in a world class facility, which guarantees consistent high quality, and are excellent in respect to the weight, strength, durability and thermal properties.

Settle for the best

We at Ozcape Campers  have chosen these panels over cheaper and inferior products because it’s consistent with our philosophy to only settle for the very best. It ensures that our customers receive a state-of-the-art product as well as the famous Ozcape service they have come to expect from our company.





Caravan Shows 2022

(February 2022) No attendance in 2022
Newcastle Caravan & Camping Show

February 18-20, 2022
Moreton Bay Caravan & Camping & Boating Expo
Redcliffe, Redcliffe Showgrounds

March 4-6, 2022
Go Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Expo
Metricon Stadium

April 1-3, 2022
Nambour Caravan & Camping Expo
Nambour Showgrounds

June 7-12, 2022
Go Queensland Caravan Camping & Touring Holiday Show
Brisbane, RNA Showgrounds

July 29-31, 2022  
Toowoomba Caravan & Camping Expo
Toowoomba Showgrounds

(Aug, 2022) TBC
Go Sunshine Coast Caravan & Camping Expo
Nambour Showgrounds

(Sep, 2022) TBC
Newcastle Outdoor Adventure & Motoring Expo
Newcastle Entertainment Centre

(Sept, 2022) TBC 
Cleveland Caravan & Camping Expo
Cleveland Showgrounds

(Oct, 2022) TBC
Go Brisbane Caravan & Camping Sales
Brisbane, RNA Showgrounds